Food Production Hygiene


DC7 Decarboniser

Aggressive medium foam decarbonising fluid cleaner capable of removing baked-on carbon, grease, and burnt oil from deep fat fryers, ovens and other food service equipment. Highly concentrated formulation mixes and disperses evenly in all water conditions. Loosened soils are emulsified and kept in suspension for easy removal and rinsing from inside surfaces, baskets, grates, valves, and other surfaces. Use for cleaning other food service equipment and in institutional applications where heavy encrusted grease, oil, or baked-on soils are present and low foam is required. Ideal for deep cleaning in foodservice and food processing applications.


Features Advantages & Benefits

Formulated for frequent use in food production environments;

  • Highly concentrated
  • Food safe formulation
  • Aggressive action
  • Hard water tolerant
  • Economical in use

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